Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS) Cell


ARIS Agriculture Research Information System (ARIS) has been established in the University in 1996 with assistance from ICAR, New Delhi.

ARIS Cell, being the hub for IT based facility for University, has been furnished and equipped with modern ICT equipment like High End Servers, Networking Devices and 24 hours uninterrupted power backup systems

     Server Room / Data Centre

 Staff at ARIS Cell

  1. Shri. Rajesh D. Ghorpade, Associate Professor of Computer Science
  2. Shri. Pradip P. Kolhe, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

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Objectives: –

  1. To put information close to manager and scientists who will use it.
  2. To improve the capacity of research organization to organize, store and retrieve information relevant to their mandates.
  3. To develop regular procedures and mechanism for those organization to share information. 
  4. To improve the capacity of that organization to plan, monitor and evaluate their research programs.
    Server Room / Data Centre

IT Based Facilities Provided:-

  1. Campus LAN (Intranet) of 400 nodes for communication and sharing the information among University Scientists.
  2. Hosted University website / portal and webmail facility on high-end servers at ARIS cell
  3. Existing campus LAN(Intranet) connected to National Knowledge Network (NKN) through 1 Gbps link.
  4. Internet facility is made available at every LAN node through proxy server with at least 100 Kbps speed and also through Broadband connections at remote places where LAN is not reached.
  5. Statistical Analysis of data generated in Research work of Staff and Student through advanced statistical software.
  6. LAN is authenticated for viewing and requesting the resources (abstracts, full text book, online Journals) on CeRA at on e-Resources in agriculture).
  7. Establishment of NISAGENET (National Information System on Agricultural Education Network in India) unit in 2005 for providing information to Central Unit at IASRI, New Delhi.


Technical Services provided:-

Staff of ARIS cell are engaged in providing following technical services

  1. Conducting computer-training programme for staff and student.
  2. Development of software as per the requirement of various offices.
  3. Maintenance of all computer related equipment of this university.
  4. Campus LAN (Intranet) maintenance and its connectivity supervision
  5. Updation of Information about University regarding Education, Research and Extension on University website and its up gradation.
  6. Maintenance of E-mail server and the users of it.
  7. Regular updating of the information in the database of NISAGENET project.
  8. Monitoring the performance of CeRA (Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture) and sending reports.
  9. Teaching of Computer related courses of UG, PG and Ph. D. degree programmes
  10. Assisting the staff and students of the University in doing Statistical Analysis through Advanced statistical software


Campus LAN

The campus wide network project for connecting all the offices, colleges and student hostels with underground optical fiber cable is lied to extend the IT services on the campus. All the student hostels are setup with a small computer laboratory for providing 24 hours internet connectivity. Connectivity among various offices through fiber or UTP, is shown in below diagram

Campus Network Diagram Showing the Connectivity between Major Offices

Centralized University Internet Laboratory With 30 Desktop Computers

Power Backup System

Recently ARIS cell had setup a Smart / Virtual Classroom along with Interactive Whiteboard and 12 desktop machines equipped with Web Camera and Head mic with sitting arrangement of 22 students. This smart room is designed for conducting the classes by ARIS cell staff for UG, PG and Ph. D. students. Virtual classroom will also be used for conducting, the trainings for staff like Online teaching, online meetings and development of e-learning modules and other.  
    Smart / Virtual Classroom

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