Insurance Scheme

Student‘s admitted from the academic year 2000-2001 onwards have subscribed for the Group Insurance Scheme on a compulsory basis.

 Health Facilities:

Health Dispensary with one Doctor , compounder & female nurse with two  female attendants for staff and students.

Basic infrastructure available in the dispensary : Registration room, Dressing room , Doctors / patient checkup room, Medicine department, ladies toilet and gents toilet.

Facility’s provided:

All symptomatic treatment  of diseases with first aid injuries are carried out free of cost with antibiotic , symptomatic medicines dressing material free of cost.

General checkup : All type of basic check ups, BP checking , Nebulizer, Pulse oxymeter, o2 cylinder facility, Gluco meter ,Wheel chair ,stretcher , IV / Injection facility, dressing facility weight machine , height measurement, first aid box facility with patients counseling as and when required. R.O water drinking facility available 24×7.

In addition to this one lady doctor is being appointed on contract basis who visits the girls hostel twice in a week ie every Thursday and Friday the girls students are given free checkup on these two days.

Besides this medical team provide assistance during each and every programme of university like Inter collegiate Sports , shiver pheri , Youth festival, CET exams , Agricultural Exhibitions, convocation programme, LAE sports events , with programmes of shramdan organized within university and outside university for staff and students.  

Regular NCC cadets medical checkup with NSS candidates medical checkup and issue fitness certificate to them for participation in special camps organized by state government and central government.

Awareness programmes organized :

  1. Blood group checkup & blood donation camp of students and staff members.
  2. Brest cancer awareness camp organized in the university for the girls students  and ladies staff of the university.
  3. On occasion of World women’s day organized Sickel cell anemia and HB % in blood for the girls students and ladies staff and provided Iron & Folic acid capsules to them free of cost .

Student safety insurance scheme for graduate ,Post graduate, & Phd level students are carried out under which the students are entitled to get benefit of Rs 1.0 lakh to 2 lakh and Rs 50000 to Rs 1 lakh for medication , Insurance scheme has been implemented by the individual colleges at there level.


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