Director of Research


Dr. V. K. Kharche  

 Ph.D. (Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry)



Dr. V. K. Kharche
Director of Research
Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola-444 104 Maharashtra, India
Telephone: Office: 0724-2258419 Fax: 0724-2258419
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Educational Qualifications:

Dr. V. K. Kharche has completed graduation in Horticulture from College of Agriculture, Akola, M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Agri) in Soil Science with specialization in Land Resource Management from Dr. PDKV, Akola and ICAR-National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning, Nagpur under the UNDP sponsored project on Post Graduate Education and Research in Land Resource Management. He has qualified NET in Soil Science- Pedology and Soil Fertility.

Academic Career and Experience:

Dr. V. K. Kharche started his career from ICAR-NBSS and LUP, Nagpur as T-2-III Tech. Assistant in the Division of Remote Sensing and GIS and served for four years. He was selected as Assistant Professor of Soil Science in Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri and served for about nine years on various posts as Officer in Charge of ICAR-AICRP-STCR Project, Micronutrient Research Project, Associate Professor and also had recognition to work as NATP Nodal officer and Planning officer in the university. He was then selected as Professor of Soil Science in Dr. PDKV, Akola and has been working on various posts in the university as Professor of Soil Science, Head of the Department, Associate Dean at College of Agriculture, Nagpur and Associate Dean at Post Graduate Institute, Akola. He has joined as Director of Research of Dr. PDKV, Akola since November, 2017.

He has made significant contribution to agricultural research in Soil Science and developed a school of thought on nutrition of crops and cropping systems and soil quality sustenance under intensive agriculture in black soils and built a team of researchers which led to several recommendations beneficial for sustainable agricultural production in Maharashtra. He has done sustained contributions in developing technologies for reclamation of salt affected soils, carbon sequestration and resource conservation technologies in Vertisols, climate resilient agriculture and crop diversification useful for enhancing crop productivity and increasing farmer’s income. He has worked as Controller of PG Common Examination, conducted M.Sc. and Ph.D. CET as Centre in charge, completed successfully several institutional research projects besides eight Externally Funded Research Projects. He also held the additional charge of Director of Instructions and Dean for one year and successfully prepared self study report of university and presented before the Peer Review Committee for Accreditation. Several crop varieties, farm implements and production technologies have been released for the benefit of farming community under his leadership.


Dr. V. K. Kharche has published 101 research papers in peer reviewed internationally abstracted journals of national and international repute, 142 conference/ seminar papers, 166 extension papers, 8 books,  17 book chapters and 26 research bulletins. He has published policy and strategy papers on facts and options for sustainable soil health management and balanced fertilization of crops and cropping systems for sustainable agricultural production in Vidarbha. He has been working as President of the Akola chapter of the Indian Society of Soil Science and has organized state and national seminars/symposia on important topics of agricultural significance. He has worked as member of several Task Force/ state level committees of agricultural significance formed by Govt. of Maharashtra. He has been nominated on several posts as Councillor, Secretary, Vice President on the councils of important professional societies and has been working as Editor of important journals of national repute. He has a long experience of post graduate teaching and guided 24 M.Sc. and 10 Ph.D. students.

He is the recipient of several awards at state, national and international level for his outstanding contribution in research specifically in the areas of sustenance of soil quality/health, carbon sequestration and conservation agriculture in Vertisols, integrated nutrient management, utilization of innovative techniques like GIS in assessment and monitoring of soil health and management of problem/degraded soils. He has been nominated as the Fellow of Indian Society of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, Nagpur and Maharashtra Academy of Sciences, Pune.


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