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  • Formulation and organization of production and problems oriented in-service trainings for extension officers, field functionaries and other concerned with development programme.
  • Development and implementation of short and/ or long duration vocational training courses for farmers, farmwomen, rural youth, entrepreneurs, input dealers and others.
  • Assessment and refinement of the latest proven agricultural technology through Front Line Demonstration (FLD) and ‘On Farm Testing (OFT) under various agro climatic regions.
  • Transfer of Technology through specialized farm and home information services like development and printing of literature and field extension activities.



  • To Plan, implement, Co-ordinate and monitor the Agricultural Extension Education Programme of the University in 11 districts of Vidarbha region of the state.
  • To assist and complement to State Government Department of Agriculture, Public Sector and Voluntary organizations in effective management of extension education systems.

Extension and Education Roles 

  • To plan and conduct production and problem oriented Training
  • To produce information material and teaching aids to extension personnel, trainers and farmers.
  • To collect, process and disseminate latest research findings to extension personnel and farmers  through appropriate extension methods and media.
  • To undertake adaptive and applied research projects with a view to testing of applicability of findings under different soil, agro-climatic and socio-economic conditions
  • To carry out frontline demonstrations based on latest findings and to identify field problems as feedbacks to research wing of the University.
  • To provide effective farm advisory service to the farmers.




T & V System


Major Extension Programmes

  1. Krishak Vigyan Manch
  2. Krishi Doot Trainings
  3. Agricultural Extension through Religious Discourse
  4. Hello Kastakar
  5. Pre-Monsoon Krishi Mela
  6. Krishi Din
  7. Shivar Pheri (A Field Trip)
  8. Mega Agricultural Exhibition
  9. Voice Message Service
  10. Entrepreneurship Development Camp
  11. Krishi Dindi
  12. Hope Generation Programme

 Regular Extension Programmes

  1. Transfer of Technology
  2. Trainings 
  3. Dr. PDKV Farmers Club
  4. Training & Visit System
  5. Farm Advisory Services
  1. Mobile Agri-Clinic :
  2. Press Conference/Publicity
  3. Use of Electronic Media
  4. Correspondence Service
  5. All India Radio and Doordarshan Programme
  6. Film Show
  7. Field Days
  8. Farmers Queries
  9. Visit to the farmers’ field
  10. Field Trip and discussion session
  11. Participation in National Exhibition
  12. Krishak Bhavan
  13. Shetkari Sadan
  14. Printing Press
  15. Telephone Helpline Service
  16. Village Adoption Programme
  17. Extension Education Council
  18. Scientific Advisory Committee




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