Student Welfare

Director of student welfare has to look after the following activities for the welfare of students.

    • To promote and develop various sports, game and co-curricular activities amongst students at the university level


    • To promote the sportsman spirit and to organize inter Collage tournament within the jurisdiction of the university.


    • To conduct inter university tournaments behalf of the inter University Sports Board, New Delhi/Inter Agriculture University Sports Board /Inter State University Tournament (Ashwamedh).


  • To organize campus interviews of the different firms, industries, seed and pesticides companies, banks, etc. for the placement of students.


Co-ordination :
Following Committees are constituted at the University level to co-ordinate Several students’ activities.
  • University sports Board Committee.
  • University NSS Advisory committee.
  • College level NSS Advisory Committee.


Sport Board:

Vice Chancellor
Vice Chairman
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture
Students Welfare Officer


Aims and objects of the board:

  1. To serve as an Inter-University Organisation to promote and develop sports, games and other co-curricular activities amongst students at the University level.
  2. Coordination and mutual consultation to promote. sportsman spirit and to organise Inter collegiate sports and tournaments within the jurisdiction of the University.
  3. To undertake and conduct Inter University tournaments on-behalf of the Inter, University Sports Board of India/inter Agricultural University Sports Board.
  4. To act as a bureau of information and to facilitate communication.


Composition of the board:

  1. The Chairman —The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi  Vidyapeeth, Akola
  2. The Vice- Chairman— The Dean of Faculty, (By rotation).
  3. The Members—
  1. Associate Deans/Principals of all the constituent and affiliated colleges,
  2. Chairmen, Gymkhana of all the constituent and affiliated college
  3. Asstt. Directors of  Students Welfare all the constituent and affiliated colleges.
  4. Co-opted members not exceeding four from amongst person possessing expert knowledge or experience in the field  sports & games (to co-opted every year)
  5. The Secretary—Director of Students Welfare, Dr.P.D. K. V., Akola


Sport Facilities at University    


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