All India Coordinated Research Projects

Sr.No Name Location View Details
1 AICRP for Dryland Agriculture, Akola Akola View
2 AICRP on Cotton Akola View
3 AICRP on Sorghum Akola View
4 AICRP on Pulses (MULLaRP) Akola View
5 AICRP on Pigeonpea Akola View
6 AICRP on Chickpea Akola View
7 AICRP on Oilseeds (Sunflower) Akola View
8 AICRP on Oilseeds (Linseed & Mustard) Nagpur View
9 AICRP on Oilseeds (Sesame) Nagpur View
10 AICRP on Oilseeds,(Soybean) Amravati View
11 AICRP on Rice Sakoli View
12 AICRP on Tropical Fruits Akola View
13 AICRP on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Akola View
14 AICRP on Agroforestry Nagpur View
15 AICRP on Agro-meteorology Akola View
16 AICRP on C.S.R. (Akola) View
17 AICRP on Long Term Fertilizer Akola View
18 AICRP on Micro & Secondary Nutrients and Pollutant Elements in Soils and Plants Akola View
19 AICRP on Post Harvest Tech. Akola View
20 AICRP on Energy in Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Akola View
21 AICRP on Farm Implements & Machinery Akola View
22 AICRP on Seed Tech. Res. Unit, Akola View
23 AICRP on Breeder Seed Production Akola View
24 AICRP on Weed Management Akola View
AICRP on Mustard Akola View

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