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  • To test and inspect the agricultural tools and implements developed and manufactured by manufacturer.
  • To impart training to extension agencies, farmers, rural artesian and other beneficiaries and entrepreneurs on operation and maintenance of farm machineries.
  • To encourage the people for custom hiring of farm machinery for different farm operation.


What is importance of Farm Machinery Testing?

The modernizing farm management and improvement of social and economic welfare in rural areas, through the mechanization of small and medium scale farmers and the improvement of their productivity, is important within the context of overall agricultural policy. However, progress in agricultural mechanization has been slow-moving, among other things, because of the lack of active government agency participation in creating uniform standards for testing and evaluating agricultural machinery. This is essential in guaranteeing the quality and performance of agricultural machinery.

The Testing of agricultural machinery is essential in a view to assess their functional performance, suitability under varying field conditions, establish, performance data as specifications for marketing and extension services and assist financial institutions/banks etc.  The information developed by way of testing of machines may be of interest to the agricultural machinery users, research institutes manufacturers etc. 

Testing provide an important means not only for making an appraisal of an equipment but also for in-building the requisite level of quality by exercising proper checks during production.

Testing of a machine means systematic determination of functional performance, structural strength, durability, power requirements and capacity by running the test under a wide range of conditions in the laboratory and field. Testing is useful for all the stakeholders like manufacturers, consumers/farmers, exporters, export inspection agencies as well.


How testing is important for


  • Streamlining of production processes and introduction of quality control system.
  •  Independent audit of quality control system by BIS
  •  Reaping of production economies accruing from standardization
  •  Better image of products in the market both internal and overseas
  •  Winning for wholesaler’s retailers and stockiest consumer confidence and goodwill
  •  Preference for standard marked products by organized purchasers agencies of Central and State government, local bodies, public and private sector undertaking etc. Some organized purchases offer even higher price of standard marked good.
  •  Financial incentives offered by the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) and nationalized banks.
  •  To know where his machine stands in comparison with similar types of machines in the market, and he can mprove his product.
  •  It enables him to add more information to the technical literature relating to the machine.


  •  Conformity with Indian standards by an independent technical national level organization.
  •  Helps in choosing a standard product
  •  Free replacement of standard marked products in case of their being found to be of substandard quality
  •  Protection from exploitation and deception
  •  Assurance of safety against hazards to life and properly
  •  The knowledge of the comparative performance of similar type of machinery will help the user to choose an appropriate machine to his requirement at the lowest cost.

Organized purchasers

  •  Convenient basis for concluding contracts
  •  Elimination of the need for inspection and testing of goods purchased saving time, labour and money
  •  Free replacement of products with Standard Mark found to be substandard


  • Exemption from pre-shipment inspection wherever admissible.
  • Convenient basis for concluding export contracts

Export Inspection Authorities

  • Elimination of the need for exhaustive inspection of consignments exported from the country, saving expenditure time and labor.

Farm Machinery Testing and Training Centre, Dr. PDKV, Akola

Deal with testing of farm machineries and an implement including plant protection equipment’s developed by the manufactures to evaluate the manufacturing standard, assuring quality and utility of tools and implements. This will help in commercialization of good quality farm machineries for farmers. Testing, and training centre will help in development of local artisan skill to manufacture good quality machineries, its repairs and maintenance.

What types of tests are undertaken by FMT&TC, Dr. PDKV, Akola?

The types of tests undertaken by FMTTCs are as under:  

Commercial Tests are for establishing performance characteristics of machines that are in or ready for commercial production.

The following types of commercial tests will be undertaken:

Initial Commercial Tests on indigenous or imported proto-type machines ready for commercial production. 

Batch Test on machines, which have already undergone Initial Commercial Test and /or are being manufactured commercially in the country.  

Testing procedure

  • Machines will be tested at the request in writing of the manufacturer/accredited importers referred to as “Applicant” herein-after.
  • The application should be accompanied with all relevant technical specifications, operator manual, workshop manual etc.
  • After receiving the application form along with all required documents, scrutiny of the application form will be made by the FMTTC, Dr. PDKV, Akola.
  • The FMTTC will be communicated to the firm for visit at the manufacturing site of the firm for randomly selection of test sample (Machine/equipment) and accordingly, the authority of the FMTTC will be visited to the firm and selected test sample will be sealed at the site.
  • It is the full responsibility of the firm to provide same test sample for testing at the FMTTC, Dr. PDKV, Akola Centre within 15 days after randomly selection of Test sample (Machine/equipment).
  • The Firm has to bear all required charges of transportation, loading and unloading including the visit of the authority of FMTTC for randomly selection of test sample.
  • Testing Charges for 2019-2020 as given in the separate link. The charges have to be paid in the form of demand draft at the time of handing over machine/equipment to the centre for its testing.
  • Once testing fees deposited to the Centre, it will not refund at any cost.
  • In case applicant unable to submit test sample, the test fees will be forfeited.
  • In case applicant is not willing to test machinery/equipment after submitting it to the FMTTC, then also the test fees will be forfeited.
  • Time require for testing of machinery/equipment is depend on the waiting list and season.
  • The applications fulfilling requirements will be accepted by the testing institute and the date for starting the test will be informed to the applicant.
  • Testing of the machine will be taken up as per the relevant Indian Standard.
  • After completion of all tests, a draft report in the standard format will be released to the applicant for comments and the applicant should submit his comments within 15 days.
  • After receipt of comments, necessary changes in the draft report as per agreed comments may be made in the report and the final report may be released.
  • Test reports released by the designated institutions will have validity across the country and accepted by all the States and UTs for subsidy and implementation of other Government Schemes where test reports are required.


  • Well Infrastructure established
  • Different types of farm machinery has been tested which are categories below.
  • Tillage equipments
  • Sowing equipments
  • Intercultural equipment
  • Plant protection equipment
  • Harvesting equipments
  • Training conducted                         : 23 Nos.
  • MoU signed with CLAAS, India Ltd, Faridabad, Panjab
  • Field demonstrations conducted                                     : 30
  • Precipitated in state level Agricultural Exhibition      : 13 Nos.
  • University revenue generated                                         : 72.73 Lakh

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