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Shivar Pheri from 29th Sept to 1st Oct 2023
37th Convocation on 05th Feb, 2023
Agrotech-2022 कृषी प्रदर्शिनी- 27th to 31st Dec 2022
Launch of Book – Water Ponds Creation (Amrit Sarovar) PDKV, Akola

36th Convocation on 07th July 2022

35th Convocation on 29th Oct 2021

34th Convocation on 05th Feb 2020

Global Organic Convention during 15-17 Sept, 2019

Youth festival 3-5,Oct 2019

Brain Storming Session on “Pesticide Registration and Regulations in India, Product Safety, Sustainability and End User Guidance” on 15th May 2019

Workshop on sustainable and Innovative Agriculture Technology at KVK Yavatmal
सुष्म व दुय्यम अन्नद्रव्य यांवर द्विवार्षिक कार्यशाळा ७-९ मार्च २०१४
28th Convocation 2014
Workshop on Sustainable and Innovative Agriculture Technology at KVK, Yavatmal on 19-20 Dec 2013
27th Convocation 2013        

Visit of Chancellor Hon. Shri. K. Sankaranarayanan H. E. Governor of Maharashtra on 14-12-2012
Chief Minister Visit 31/05/2012

Shivar Pheri-20/10/2012
University Scientist-Farmers Interaction Programme: Jointly organized by Akashwani, Akola-Nagpur and Department of Agriculture and Dr. PDKV, Akola on 11th September, 2012
Inaugration of Inter College University Sports – 13th September 2012

15th August – Independance Day
20th August- Vidyapeeth Shahiid Din
Dr. R.G. Dani Joined as Vice Chancellor, Dr. PDKV, Akola on 14/08/2012

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