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Workshop on sustainable and Innovative Agriculture Technology at KVK Yavatmal
सुष्म व दुय्यम अन्नद्रव्य यांवर द्विवार्षिक कार्यशाळा ७-९ मार्च २०१४
28th Convocation 2014
Workshop on Sustainable and Innovative Agriculture Technology at KVK, Yavatmal on 19-20 Dec 2013
27th Convocation 2013     

Visit of Chancellor Hon. Shri. K. Sankaranarayanan H. E. Governor of Maharashtra on 14-12-2012
Chief Minister Visit 31/05/2012

Shivar Pheri-20/10/2012
University Scientist-Farmers Interaction Programme: Jointly organized by Akashwani, Akola-Nagpur and Department of Agriculture and Dr. PDKV, Akola on 11th September, 2012
Inaugration of Inter College University Sports – 13th September 2012

15th August – Independance Day
20th August- Vidyapeeth Shahiid Din
Dr. R.G. Dani Joined as Vice Chancellor, Dr. PDKV, Akola on 14/08/2012

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