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About Department

Department was established in the year 1982 under the faculty of Agricultural Enggineering and Technology with following objectives:

  • To provide the opportunities for education in Agricultural Engineering.

  • To provide opportunities for students to acquire practical skills, knowledge in the concerned subjects so as to make them professionally competent.
  • To expose students to the rural situation so as to make them aware about needs of the rural people.
  • To create and establish sufficient infrastructure required for imparting education and practical skills in the subjects of Farm Structures.
  • To undertake and participate extension education programmes for transfer of technology.
  • To implement need based research interdisciplinary programme for development of suitable technologies to cater to the regional needs.
  • To form “Dr PDKV Greenhouse Farmers Club” at various district of vidarbha regions in collaboration with Horticulture and Plant Pathology Departments.


Academic Programmes

Department is imparting education at under graduate levels.

B.Tech.(Agricultural Engineering)


Infrastructure Facilities

Sr. No. Laboratory
Size (m x m)


Engineering Mechanics laboratory



Material Testing Laboratory



Structural engineering Laboratory



Green House technology laboratory



emlab1               utm
Engineering Mechanics Laboratory   Universal Testing Machine



  • To teach the subjects related to Farm Structures Engg. to Under Graduate & Post Greaduate Degree Programmes as per ICAR norms.
  • To generate the human resource for Agricultural Structures and related industries and organizations through Under Graduate Programme.


Research Activities/Achievements

Adhoc research schemes /projects undertaken

Sr. No Title of research project Sponsored by Amount Rs. in lakhs
Name of PI and CO-PI
Period years

“Greenhouse Management for Propagation of Some Horticultural and Medicinal Plants”.

ICAR Ad hoc scheme 6.38 Dr. P.B.Kale and
Dr V.K.Mahorkar



Research Achivements

The Department of Farm Structures has conducted the experiments in farmers shadenethouse at Patur and Gaigaon.The technical guidance has been given to the farmers through “Dr PDKV Greenhouse Farmers club” and farmers are getting more returns.


Extension Activities and Achievements

  1. No. of research papers/ articles published during last five years – 16
  2. No. of papers presented in the seminars during last five years- 02
  3. T.V. Talk on green house – 10 Nos.
  4. Radio Talk – 08 No.
  5. Popular articles – 5 Nos.


Research Recommendations (Approved in AGRESCO)

1. One Recommendation on “Design and Development of 100m2 shadenethouse for high value vegetable crops”.


100m2 shadenethouse for high value vegetable crops


Light intensity measured by farmer in shadenethouse at Patur


Temperature and Relative humidity measured by farmer in shadenethouse at Gaigaon






Contact Information

Dr. Sau. S.V. Gupta

Department of Farm Structures,
CAET,Dr PDKV,Akola,444104
Ph.No.2258200-217 Ext. 1036

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