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Historical Background and Location

The College of Agriculture, Nagpur, is one of the oldest college in the country established in the year 1906 by British Government. It is one of the first five Agriculture Colleges in the country. The other four colleges were located at Pusa, Kanpur, Coimbatore, Lyallpore (Pakistan). The college is situated in the important citrus belt of the country and was opened to develop agriculture technology, educate, train and generate specialised agricultural experts and to cater the needs of the local farming community and to impart agricultural education to students. The College have also celebrated its Centenary in the year 2005. The college was initially under the administrative control of the Department of Agriculture, Maharashtra State and affiliated to the Nagpur University. The main building of the college was earlier known as Victoria Technical Institute building. Later on the affiliation as well as administrative control shifted to Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola during the year 1969. The institute is now under the dynamic leadership of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. P.D.K.V., Akola. Presently institution is headed by Associate Dean, College of Agriculture, Nagpur.

The Nagpur district lies between 20035’ and 210 44’ N latitude and 78015’ and 79040’ E longitude and stretched over an area of 9930 The city is well connected with air, rail and road ways. The College of Agriculture, Nagpur is situated near the Zero Mile – The Middle point of India. College is 2 km away from Nagpur railway station, 4 km from main bus stop, 9 km from Nagpur international airport.

Library : In 1987, a separate building for the college library was constructed. It has a Reading Hall, Books Stacks, Back Volumes of Periodicals, Reference Section, Thesis Section. The book collection of college library is 59185 which includes text books, reference books, periodicals, thesis, etc.

VTI Library : The history of Agriculture and Industries, Society in Nagpur traces back to year 1901, when Her Majesty Impress Queen Victoria expired in 1901 grand subscriptions were raised in the Central Provinces to commemorate her name. An amount of Rs.2.00 lakhs was raised for the Society, out of which Rs.75000 were allotted for the part construction of Victoria Technical Institute (VTI) building situated in the Maharajbagh, Nagpur. VTI scientific library was founded in 1902 by then C.P. & Berar Government with the object to develop and improve agriculture and industries of the region and to disseminate and promote the technical and scientific knowledge. It has a stock of 3500 books and 6000 Journals. It has also 2000 odd books including gazetteers of India and Afghanistan.        VTI-library
Academic Programmes

Under Graduate Programme: The Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research (MCAER), Pune is a statutory body constituted under section 12 of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities Act, 1983 in exercise of the powers conferred upon MCAER in the provision (8) of sub section 3 of the Act. Common rules and regulations for admission to various degree programmes in State Agricultural Universities have been formulated. B.Sc. (Agri.) degree programme is of 4 years duration spread over 8 semesters with credit load of 163, and eligibility for the course is XII standard science passed in 10+2 pattern from Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English, with optional subject Mathematics. The medium of instruction is English. The 1st and 2nd semester normally starts in the month of July and January respectively. Intake capacity of the UG programme is 172.

Post Graduate Programme: The post graduate programme leading to the M.Sc.(Agri) degrees in 9 disciplines are offered. The M.Sc.(Agri) programme is of two years duration spread over 4 semesters. The students has to complete 50 credits out of which 35 credits are allotted to course work and 15 credits to research work. Intake capacity of the PG programme in different disciplines is as under :

Intake capacity


Agril. Botany

Genetics and Plant Breeding

Plant Physiology





Agril. Economics



Agril. Entomology






Animal Husbandary and Dairying

Animal Husbandry

Dairy Science






Extension Education




Floriculture and Landscaping




Plant Pathology



Soil Science & Agril.Chemistry


Post Graduate Programme in Agri-Business Management — M.B.A.(Agri)

The post graduate programme leading to the M.B.A.(Agri) degree is started during the year 2009 on non-grant basis. Considering the requirement of trained manpower in Agri-business Management, the School of Agri-Business Management is established in the premises of Agriculture College, Maharajbagh, Nagpur. The admission fees for this course is Rs.55000/- per semester.
The school offers two year post graduation programme viz. Master of Business Management (Agriculture). Intake capacity of the school is 30 students per year.
Scholarships: The number of scholarships and educational concessions are available.



  1. To provide qualitative education in the areas of agriculture

  2. To develop overall personality of the students during their graduation, post graduation in agriculture and agri-business management.
  3. To provide competitive graduates and post graduates to the society
  4. To provide competitive post graduates in agri-business management
  5. To carry out the research on fundamental and applied aspects
  6. To provide extension services to farmers



Infracture Facilities
No. of Units
Administrative building
UG Class Rooms
PG Class Rooms
Boys Hostel (for Under Graduate students)
1 (125 students)
Boys Hostel (for Post Graduate students)
2 (320 students)
Girls Hostel
2 (128 students)
Gym Center
Implement Park
College Library
VTI Library
Committee Hall
Maharajbagh Zoo and Garden
Telankhedi Garden
Satpuda Botanic Garden
College Farms
VC Camp Office
Guest House
Competitive Forum
Placement Cell
Sports Ground
Computer Cell



As per ICAR IVth Dean Committee, there are four section at College of Forestry

Agricultural Botany

This section is doing breeding work on crops like maize, mustard, lathyrus and safflower.

It has released following varieties in field crops :

Fodder grass : NG-13, NG-22, NG-5, NG-73, NG-107, NG-308 and NG-287

Cotton: B-147, B-1007 Pigeonpea : EB-3 and EB-38

Sorghum: 22-5-16 (CMS line) Mustard : ACN-9 Shatabdi

Safflower : N-630 Maize : PKVM Shatak

The section has prepared the depiction chart for deficiency symptoms of micro and macro nutrients in citrus and mustard.

Agricultural Economics

The section undertakes studies for understanding and solving problems in production, financing, marketing and government policies related to farming community.

Faculty members attend meeting as a member of Expert Committee of District Co-operative Banks (Technical Group) for fixing the scale of finance for crop loans to the farmers in Nagpur and Chandrapur district.

Agricultural Engineering

This section has a collection of farm machinery required for land cultivation, seeding, harvesting and threshing.

It has a workshop which provides services like repairs and maintenance of farm implements, tractors, electrical instruments and vehicles.

This section imparts training to farmers regarding use of modern farm implements under Farm Mechanization Project sponsored by Agril. Deptt. Government of Maharashtra.

Agricultural Entomology

Possess well equipped Bio-control laboratory

Production and sale of bioagents and biopesticides like Chrysopa, Trichogramma, Mallada and HaNPV from 1996.

Recommended Mallada for the management of citrus blackfly during Ambia, and Hasta bahar.

Recommended artificial diet for the rearing of M. boninensis in absence of Corcyra eggs.

Research work is in progress on Biocontrol of Parthenium grass through Zygogramma beetles.


This section has generated agro-techniques for soybean, groundnut, safflower, gram, wheat, mustard etc.

Studies have been undertaken on land configuration, weed biomass addition, integrated nutrient management, integrated weed management, organic modules, sewage water treatment for irrigation etc.

Animal Husbandry and Dairying

The collection of different breeds of cows, goats, sheeps and buffaloes is in progress.

The section has developed technology for use of orange pomace as cattle feed.

Extension Education

The Extension Education section, plays major role in scientist to farmers contact and social activities of the college. It caters to the technical information of the region.

Every year, Shivarpheris, Kisan Melas and Exhibitions are organised by this section. It also plays important role of liasoning of the university with print and electronic media.

Every Monday between 2.30 to 5.30 P.M., Farmers Help Line on telephone is available to the farmers, to solve their technical problems instantly.

Dr. PDKV Krishak-Vigyan Manch Programme is organised on every 3rd Saturday of the month in the college. It has 265 registered members.

The section organises intensive extension activities like demonstrations, field days, field visits of experts in the adopted villages.


Developed variety, ‘Nagpur 182’ seedless santra.

Conducted research on floral biology and the storage of Nagpur santra.

Developed agro techniques on fruit crops like mango, sapota and flower crops like mogra, chrysanthemum, gerbera etc.

This section has well equipped laboratory for fruit processing.

Gardens viz., Maharajbag, Telankhedi and Satpuda Botanic Garden are maintained and used for teaching purposes.

Plant Pathology

This section undertakes commercial production of good quality biofertilizers, biopesticides viz., Trichoderma, Rhizobium, Azotobacter, PSB Beauveria, Metarhizium etc.

Successfully isolated efficient strains for decomposition of agro waste and it enriches soil with addition of minerals.

Developed low cost technology for soil solarisation.

This section has well established bio-technology laboratory for research and development of biological products.

Experiential learning: To impart training to the under graduate students for Biofertilizers production.

Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

This section has a soil testing laboratory for determination of nutrients from soil samples brought by the farmers.

Worked out fertility status of soils of Nagpur region for essential nutrients and accordingly, the fertilizer recommendations are given for different crops.

Developed technology for use of fly ash for agricultural crops.

Standardized a dose of sulphur to pigeon pea.

Established Tissue Testing laboratory to workout critical limits of micronutrients in fruit crop.

Experiential learning: It develops skill among students about practicals and management of laboratory of soil science and agricultural chemistry.


Co-Curricular Activities

  • National Service Scheme – NSS special camp is organized every year in the nearby villages, other than this different regular college activities are organized in college, this unit is provided with 200 volunteers and 2 programme officers.
  • Annual social gathering
  • Promotes cultural activities at university level, state level and National level i.e. Agriunifest – National Youth Festival, Indradhanush – Youth festival
  • Personality Development Camps
  • Competitive Forum
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Rally on occasion of Birth Anniversary of Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh
  • Participation in International Marathon – 2010 for Ahimsa at Nagpur
  • Winner of second championship of “Aapli Mati Aapla Maharashtra”
  • Participation of student in sports and games viz. football, cricket, badminton, table tennis, volley ball, kabaddi, kho-kho, chess, judo, wrestling, etc.
  • Participation of students in tree plantation in the premises of Maharajbagh and Botanical garden.
  • Health awareness programmes through yoga, aasan and pranayam
  • Educational tour for students


Research Activities

Faculty members are involved in basic research. This college have released Maize YM-9905 (PKVM- Shatak) variety for cultivation.

All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Oilseed. Please Click here for detail on Linseed, Sesame and Safflower

All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Agro-Forestry. Please click here for detail on Agro-Forestry


Extension Activities

Almost all the teachers of the college are actively participating in the Training, Annual Krishi Melawa, Krishi Charcha Satra, Krishak Vigyan Manch, Kisan Helpline, Krishi Din, Shivar Pheri and Agril. Exhibition organized by the college. The teachers were actively involved in the extension activities by visiting the farmers field. In addition to their own duties, the teachers have given radio talks, TV programme and published popular articles for the benefit of the farming community.
The college has extension education block to carry out crop demonstration on newly released varieties.


Study Centre of Open University

Agricultural Study Centre of Open University – Distance Education Systems (Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik, Maharashtra, India) :

Admissions starts from 1st to 30th June every year on first come first basis.

Contact No.- 0712- 2530683

Centre Co-ordinator

Associate Professor, Extn. Edu.
College of Agriculture, Nagpur

Center Incharge

Associate Dean
College of Agriculture, Nagpur


Strength of Institution

Maharajbag Garden and Zoo

The college has unique possession of century old Maharajbag Garden and Zoo. It has a rich tradition and a green backdrop, right in the heart of Orange city. The Maharajbag Zoo earlier known in “Bhosala Dyanasty” as “Shikar Khana”, was established in the year 1894. It is a star attraction for the visitors to the city. It is spread on 10 ha area. The Maharajbag has a rich collection of herbs, shrubs, ornamental and aromatic plants, medicinal plants etc., and it propogates the fruit plants and produces seedlings of vegetable and ornamental plants for sale. It has following features.
(1) Lawn (2) Aquarium (3) Children park (4) Zoo

Maharajbag-1   Maharajbag-2

Telankhedi Garden

Telangkhedi-1    Located at the western side of Nagpur city, Telankhedi Garden (3.50 ha) was created by King Raghuji Bhosle (II) during 1780-1890. The garden is excellent combination of Moghal garden architecture, science and beauty. The college has carefully maintained its grandeur and serenity. It has very attractive and pleasant atmosphere in the garden. It has lush green lawn, water body, aquarium and children park.

Satpuda Botanic Garden

Satpuda Botanic Garden is a biodiversity park has been developed on an area of 25 ha. in hilly, undulating and picturesque setting of Futala lake during 1995-2002 with objective to collect, conserve and propagate valuable plant diversity of the country particularly of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state and to create an educational and research base to serve as an open field laboratory and plant library for students and citizens. Following features are available.
1. Viewer’s galary, 2. Conservatory, 3. Fern house, 4. Cacti and succulent house, 5. Parking, 6. Lawns, 7. Open view points, 8. Cascade, 9. Arboretum, 10. Bamboosetum, 11. Palmatum, 12. Rosarium, 13. Scented garden, 14. Japanese garden, 15. Plant nursery, 16. Rare and Endangered plant section.





College Farms

The main college farm was started as a model farm in 1871. In 1899, it started providing facilities for imparting practical education and research in agriculture. The total land under possession is 330.04 ha out of which land under cultivation 105.9 ha, roads and building 60.12 ha, forest 126.23 ha, garden 34.17 ha, farm pond 0.80 ha, mushroom lab 0.70ha. In the Municipal area of Nagpur it plays pivotal role in greening Nagpur city.


Contact Information

Associate Dean
College of Agriculture
Nagpur- 440001
Maharashtra, India

Phone Nos : 0712-2522621, 2560059
Fax No. : 0712-2554820
E-mail :

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