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About Station

Originally, this Research Station was a Military Farm and subsequently in 1927 it was handed over to Agriculture Department for running as a Cattle Breeding Dairy Farm under Animal Husbandry Section, till 1935 for nine years. Later on, it was completely and exclusively transferred to the Agriculture Department of old M. P. for running it as “Seed Demonstration Farm”. However cattle breeding and dairy also continued side by side and a Poultry unit was also attached till 1960. When the dairy and poultry units were detached, agricultural activities were expanded and intensified for upgrading the farm to the Agricultural Research Station and restricting it to agricultural research work. In 1969, this Research Station was then transferred to the Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola as Agricultural Research Sub- Centre.



Agro Climatic Information

This Research Sub-Centre is located at 77º 30′ to 77 º 35′ E Longitude, 21º 18′ to 21º 30′ N Latitude and 1297 feet above mean sea level. The maximum temperature reaches to as high as  45º C during summer and the mercury column falls during winter as low as 7º  to 10º C. The average rainfall of this area is 814 mm received in 50 rainy days.




The total area under this Research Sub-Centre is 120.58 ha. out of which 101.34 ha. area is under cultivation and the remaining area of 19.24 ha is occupied by road, building, bunds and nala etc. The soil of the farm is categoried as medium to heavy in texture and low to medium in available N (143 to 290 kg/ha.) and P (8-15 Kg/ha.) with rich in K (252 to 305 kg/ha.) having pH of 7.5 to 8.0.

Irrigation potential is available from three tube wells situated in field No. 6 & 7. Two open wells are also located in field No. 3 and 7 respectively, but it has low water level and hence  not useful for irrigation purpose. At present, irrigation potential of 20-25 ha. in Rabi season and around 2.0-3.0 ha. in Summer season available from tube wells located in field No. 6 & 7. For land cultivation purpose, two tractors (50 & 55 H.P.) are available along with farm implements. This is supported by three bullocks.







  1. To produce quality seed/seedlings of important kharif and rabi crops.
  2. To generate farm income for strengthening research station activity.
  3. To educate the farmer regarding seed production activity.
  4. Agriculture extension work.

Staff Information

  1. N. K. Patke, Associate Professor (Agro)
  2. Sonal M. Nage, Assistant Professor (Ento)
  3. R.S.Wankhade, Assistant Professor (Hort)
  4. V.P. Deokar, Senior Research Assistant
  5. S.R.Wankhade, Junior Research Assistant

Research Activities and Achievements

  1. Multilocation varietal trials of cotton, pulses, sorghum, sanflower, mustard and linseed are conducted at this research station during kharif, rabi and summer seasons.
  2. Entomology trials on seasonal incidence of major pest of cotton, soybean, sorghum, pigeon pea, chilli, safflower, chickpea, mustard and linseed are also conducted at this research station.
  3. Agency trials/ product testing trial are also conducted at this Research Station.
  4. Demonstration plot of various economically important crops viz. turmeric, ginger, etc are also taken at this station.

Transfer of Technologies

  1. Latest crop production technologies are disseminated through the staff and extension workers of state Agriculture Department by organizing farmers trainings at village and Taluka places.
  2. Scientists of this station participate regularly in Kharif/Rabi Krishi Melawa and guide the farmers.
  3. Field demonstrations plot visits are arranged.
  4. Diagnostic visits to the cultivators fields.
  5. Queries of the farmers visiting the station personally are answered to their satisfaction.
  6. Popular articles are published in magazines and News papers.    

Staff Achievements

Dr.S.R.Wankhade, Junior Research Assistant, ARS, Achalpur has been awarded with PhD degree in Vegetable sciences under Horticulture discipline. 

Programme Organized during Golden Jubilee Year:

S. N. Training /Visits/field day Organized by Date Place
1 Pink bollworm Management campaign   


ARS, Achalpur 2018-19  Achalpur Taluka
2 Diagnostic field visit TAO, Achalpur 17.12.18 Bhilona, Tq. Achalpur
3 Field day on cotton ARS, Achalpur 14.11.2018 Field of  ARS, Achalpur
4 Field day on Jawar ARS, Achalpur 12.02.19 Field of  ARS, Achalpur

Delivered lecture in  farmer training programme at post.  Somwarkheda (Melghat).

                                       Field visit at Dharni, Dist. Amaravti

Demostration plot of  cotton var. PKV Hy-2BGII during cotton field day

Field day on Jawar at ARS,Achalpur

During jawar field day held at ARS, Achalpur

Contact Information

Associate Professor (Agro) & Officer in Charge
Agriculture Research Station
Amravati (MS)
Office Phone No. 07223 – 220119

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