Agriculture Research Station, Kutki, Hinganghat, Wardha


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About Station

Agriculture research station, Kutki is situated in Hinganghat Tahsil of Wardha district on Pandharakwad road, which is national highway no. 7. The distance of this research station from Hinganghat bus stop is 9 km away while from Hinganghat railway station it is 7 km. Kutki is the nearby village of this station which is only half km away from this station. While going to Hinganghat from Wardha there is need not to go to Hinganghat to approach this station, but by turning right before of Hinganghat on Pandhrkawada road the station is just 4 km away.

A Wana river is there 1.5 km away from station. By lift irrigation system the water is used for 33.52 Ha area of this station. More irrigation efforts are under going.

About 19 research trials were conducted in this year

Many of it was multivarietal trials while some were inorganic trial. Inorganic trials are conducted from the year 2005-2006. This is the identified station for multivarietal trials.



  • The station has 33.52 Ha Area
  • Computer facility is available.
  • Water storage in form of two ponds is available
  • Lift irrigation is available from river
  • Two sets of Sprinkler and one rain gun is available
  • Tractor, three tyne and five tyne cultivator is available
  • Nine bullocks as farm power are available


Acreage Utilization

Total area of the farm 33.52 Ha
Area under roads, bunds 3.52 Ha
Plantations (Teak) 1.20 Ha
Old mango plantations 0.20 Ha
Area under farm pond (plot no.-area)
Plot No. 8 0.27 Ha
Plot No. 3 0.20 Ha
Plot No. 1 0.80 Ha
Total 1.27 Ha
Actual area sown during 27.02 Ha
Area reserved for Rabi trials 0.31 Ha


Research Activities & Achievements

  • Execution of Kharif /Rabi cropping scheme
  • Execution of Kharif /Rabi Res. Trials
  • Conduction of RAWE Programme


Transfer of Technologies

  • Organization of Krishak Vidnyan Manch programme
  • Participation in Krishi Melawas
  • Organization of field day
  • Extension activities carried out with the help of RAWE students
  • Demonstrations on farmers’ field
  • Seed treatment, tricocard, bird purchaser, bordeux mixture
  • Provided the need based information in the allotted villages


Contact Information

Agricultural Research Station
Kutki , Post Chhoti Arvi
Tq. Hinganghat , Dist. Wardha
Maharashtra (India)
Ph No. 07153-200007

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