Telephone and Email Directory


Designation of the Officer Email Direct Phone No. Fax No.
Vice Chancellor 0724-2258365 0724-2258219
Technical Secretary to VC 0724-2258365 0724-2258219 
Dean (Faculty of Agriculture) 0724-2258093 0724-2258826
Director of Research 0724-2258419 0724-2258419
Dean (Faculty of Agril. Engg.) 0724-2258405 0724-2258405
Director of Extension Education 0724-2258174 0724-2258732
Associate Dean, PGI, Akola 0724-2258826 0724-2258093
Associate Dean, Lower Agril. Education, Akola 0724-2258706  
Assoicate Dean, College of Agriculture, Akola
Associate Dean, College of Horticulture, Akola 0724-2258508 0724-2258508
Associate Dean, College of Forestry, Akola 0724-2258889 0724-2258889
Student Welfare Officer
  0724-2258093 0724-2258093
University Librarian, Akola 0724-2258409  
Registrar 0724-2258372 0724-2258372
Comptroller 0724-2258469  0724-2258373
Head, Deptt. of Agril. Economics & Statistics 0724-2258818  
Head, Deptt. of Extension Education 0724-2258354  
Head, Deptt. of Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry    
Head, Deptt. of Agronomy 0724-2258218 0724-2258218
Head, Deptt. of Agril. Botany    
Head, Deptt. of Entomology 0724-2258050  
Head, Deptt. of Plant Pathology 0724-2258359  
Head, Deptt. of Horticulture    
Head, Deptt. of Animal Husbandry & Dairying    
Head, Deptt. of Agril. Engineering    
Head, Deptt. of Soil & Water Conservation Engineering    
Head, Deptt. of Farm Power & Machinery    
Head, Deptt. of Agril. Process Engineering    
Head, Deptt. of Farm Structures Engineering    
Head, Deptt. of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering    
Head, Deptt. of Unconventional Energy Sources & Electrical Engineering    
Senior Research Scientist, Cotton 0724-2258176 0724-2258176
Senior Research Scientist, Sorghum 0724-2258756  
Senior Research Scientist, Oilseeds 0724-2258467  
Senior Research Scientist, Pulses    
Senior Research Scientist, Sugarcane    
Chief Scientist, Dryland Agriculture 0724-2258115  
Chief Agronomist, Cropping System Research    
Senior Research Scientist, Wheat    
Director, Agro-Ecology & Environment Centre    
Seed Research Officer, Seed Technology Research Unit 0727-2259041  
Officer Incharge, APDRC
Nagarjun Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Nursery 0724-2258711  
Research Engineer, Post Harvest Technology 0724-2258266  
Officer Incharge, IPR Cell (Deptt. Of Agril. Economics)    
Officer Incharge, ARIS Cell 0724-2258606 0724-2258606
Agromet Unit, Deptt. Of Agronomy    
University Engineer   0724-2258681  

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