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About College

The college of Agricultural Engineering & Technology was established on 3rd October, 1970 at Akola. The college is now one of the premier institutes in the country for imparting education in Agricultural Engineering leading to B. Tech. (Agril. Engg.) degree programme and plays an important role in human resource development in the field of Agricultural Engineering. Till to date total 1299 (1109 Boys and 190 Girls) students have been graduated.

Intake capacity : 55


Academic Programmes

College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology is imparting education at under graduate level and the departments are also assisting in post graduate and doctorate degree levels in agricultural engineering.

Under Graduate Programme: Common rules and regulations for admission to various degree programmes in State Agricultural Universities have been formulated by MCAER, Pune. B.Tech. (Agril. Engg.) degree course comprises 8 semesters with credit load of 183 including 25 credits for In-plant Training during 8th semester. In addition to these four non countable credits are also to be completed. Eligibility for the admission to this course is XII standard science passed in 10+2 pattern from Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or equivalent examination with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Degree Programme
B. Tech. in Agricultural Engineering

M. Tech. in Agricultural Engineering

Farm Power and Machinery
Agricultural Process Engineering
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Renewable Energy Sources

Ph. D. in Agricultural Engineering

Farm Power and Machinery
Agricultural Process Engineering
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Renewable Energy Sources

Infrastructure Facilities

CAET laboratories have been mostly modernized as per the requirement of courses to impart the practical knowledge to the students. The laboratories have been grouped in following subjects:

Farm Power and Machinery

  1. Work Shop
  2. Farm Implements Practical Shed
  3. Tillage and Traction
  4. Farm Power
  5. Ergonomics
  6. Engineering Drawing
  7. CAD laboratory
workshop fim_shade
Workshop Farm Implements Practical Shed

Agricultural Process Engineering

  1. Food Engineering
  2. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  3. Food Grain Processing

Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

  1. Surveying and Leveling
  2. Hydrology and Soil Mechanics
sc_practical field_servey
Soil conservation field practical Field survey practical

Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

  1. Irrigation laboratory
  2. Hydraulic laboratory
  3. Drainage laboratory
drainage_lab drainage_lab1

Unconventional Energy Sources and Electrical Engineering

  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Engineering Chemistry
  3. Solar Energy
  4. Improved Chulhas
  5. Biogas
ee_lab chaulhas
Electrical Engineering Laboratory Improved Chulhas Laboratory

Farm Structures Engineering

  1. Applied Mechanics
  2. Structural Engineering
  3. Foundation Engineering
  4. Material Testing
se_lab mechanics_lab
Structural Engineering Laboratory Applied Mechanics Laboratory

Basic Sciences and Computer

  2. Computer laboratory: CAET has advanced computation facility to improve teaching. Advance visual teaching aids like Desktop computers, DLP projectors, Computer notebooks (LAPTOP), Presentation system and Pro-E, Pythagoras and Matlab softwares with free access to internet is available to student.
  3. Physics laboratory




  • To provide qualitative education in the areas of Agricultural Engineering.
  • To develop overall personality of the students during their graduation in Agricultural Engineering.
  • To provide skilled manpower to the society.


CAET presently has educational programme at undergraduate level. The Departments of FAE is also imparting teaching and research programme of postgraduate and doctoral level in agricultural engineering. Teaching is an important activity to teach courses at undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral level.


CAET is engaged in research for the betterment of farmers in the University region (Vidarbha) through the student research programmes. CAET have developed various innovative machinery, value addition packages, in-situ moisture conservation techniques, low cost green house, pulse processing through mini dal mill, irrigation practices and renewable energy gadgets through the student involvements and also from the AICRP schemes. Many technologies have been evaluated in the University region for the users adoptability.


CAET always believe in delivering technology at grass root level through demonstrations, exhibitions, and solving farmer problems through the field visits.

  • Demonstration of innovative technology at University as well on farmers field.
  • Display and demonstration of innovative practices and technology for farmers in National / State level Exhibitions.
  • Arranging field visit of farmers.
  • Participation in Shivar Pheri.
  • Popularization of technology through state news papers and magazines.
  • Conducting training for farmers / users regarding the adoption of innovative technology.

ICAR-JRF Examination

No of Successful Students
JRF Recipients

CAET Basic Infrastructure

No. of Units Available
Administrative block
Class rooms
Laboratory facilities
Boys hostel (Raigad)
1 (140 students)
Girls hostel (Jijau)
University level
Sports complex
University level
University level
Health centre
University level
Committee hall
Seminar hall


semanal_hall classroom
Seminar room Class Room


Boys Hostel

The present hostel building was constructed in the year 1971 and was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Shri L. N. Bongirwar, IAS. This modern hostel building has three floors with eighty-four rooms for accommodation of students.
The hostel has its own water supply and sanitation arrangements. In hostel fresh purified drinking water is provided to the students. Similarly, all the entertainment facilities like Television, Newspapers, Book Library, Magazines and Indoor games are also provided to the students. The hostel has a very attractive appearance today with sky scrapping Ashoka trees, the wide lush green lawn, in front of the building adds to the beauty of the hostel, which is maintained by students only. It has separate block as student mess.

Girls Hostel

At University level girls hostels (Jijaoo and Savitri) for all faculty programs including Agricultural Engineering are available. The girls undergoing B. Tech. programme are being accommodated in Jijaoo hostel whereas, M. Tech. and Ph. D. students in Savitri hostel. There is TV hall and mini library for competitive examination preparation. There is also a big dining hall accommodating 40-45 girls for their meal with tables and chairs. Also there are facilities like Table Tennis, Chess, Carom board and Volleyball.

Departments and other Offices:

Sr. No.
Name of the Department / Office


Office of the Associate Dean


Deptt. of Farm Power and Machinery


Deptt. of Agricultural Process Engineering


Deptt. of Unconventional Energy Sources and Electrical Engineering


Deptt. of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering


Deptt. of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering


Deptt. of Farm Structures


AICRP on Farm Implements & Machinery


AICRP on Post Harvest Technology


AICRP on Renewable Energy Sources

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Students and staff participation in National/International conferences
  • Staff participation in refresher courses to update their know-how for effective teaching and research
  • Student participation in sport at University/State/National level in various games
  • Student participation in state level DIPEX competition
  • Student participation in social event like Youth Festival, NSS, NCC, etc.

Sport and Physical Education

Sr. No. Games and Sports
Equipments & Infrastructure Available at University level
1. Play grounds / track
2. Gymnasium
3. Indoor games

Participation of Students in sports and games

Name of Sports
Basket Ball
Table tennis


Student participation in republic day celebration
Student participation in state social event
nss1 nss2
NSS student participation NSS camp for driving license
nss3 nss4
NSS blood donation camp NSS tree plantation programme
ncc1 ncc2
NCC cadets of CAET
hko_kho winning_team
KHO-KHO Winner Team Award winning team in state social event

Education Tour

The educational tour for B. Tech (Agril. Engg.) students are arranged every year. The aim of the educational tour is to provide platform for the students to get acquainted with the practical knowledge and aspects of agricultural engineering and other allied sectors of different parts of the country.

Research Activities and Achievements

Each faculty member, with mandate of teaching, research and extension work, undertake students research project in the discipline as a part of course curriculum. The research schemes sanctioned from various funding agencies are also undertaken. The faculty has three AICRP schemes relating to farm machinery, post harvest technology and renewable energy sources wherein the research work allotted through ICAR is being carried out.

Research project/schemes

National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP)

  • Ongoing scheme on “Scaling up of water productivity in agriculture for livelihoods through teaching cum demonstration, training of trainers and farmers” sponsored by ICAR New Delhi
  • Pilot project on “Agro processing” sponsored by RGSTC, Government of Maharashtra
  • Ongoing scheme on “Technology Mission on Cotton (TMC), Mini Mode Mission I (MMI), Mechanization of Cotton production (Component 2.3)” sponsored by ICAR New Delhi
  • Completed an Adhoc scheme “Development of tractor operated sorghum harvester” sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi
  • Completed an Adhoc scheme “ Mechanization of Dryland Agriculture” sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi
  • Completed an Adhoc scheme “ Mechanization of Experimental Plot” sponsored by ICAR New Delhi
  • Completed Adhoc Scheme “Processing of soybeen for diversified uses and its socioeconomic aspects (NATP MM)” sponsored by ICAR New Delhi
  • Completed Ashoc Scheme “Development of indigenous ethosorb technique for banana storage” sponsored by NHB, Gurgaon.
  • Completed Ashoc Scheme “Technology for banana packaging & transport” sponsored by NHB, Gurgaon.
  • Completed Ashoc Scheme “Survey on availability of cotton stalks in Vidarbha region” sponsored by M/S Gasim Industries, Mumbai.
  • Completed Ashoc Scheme “Rheological properties of Nagpur orange and banana for improved packaging” sponsored by ICAR New Delhi.
  • Completed Ashoc Scheme “Management for propagation of some Horticultural and Medicinal Plants” sponsored by ICAR New Delhi.

 All India Coordinated Research Projects (AICRPs)

Post Harvest Technology

This project is engaged in development of innovative technology for value addition of agricultural produce and to minimize post harvesting losses. Schemes also contribute in demonstration of such innovative practices in the University region and established nine Agro Processing Centers for farmer/entrepreneur betterment.

Farm Implements and Machinery

Successfully conducted front line demonstrations, prototype feasibility testing and custom hiring of improved and advanced farm implements and machineries for the popularization of mechanization in the University region.

Renewable Energy Sources

This project have contributed in transfer of technology through demonstration at farmer’s field of modified biogas technology, solar energy devices, improved chulhas, power generation from biogas/biomass in University area.

Extension Activities and Achievements

All the functional departments and AICRP schemes do undertake the extension activities at the department / office level and also participate at University level activities like Shivar Feri, Agro-Tech exhibition. Almost all the staff of the college actively participate in the Training, Annual Krishi Melawa, Krishi Charcha Satra, Krishi Din and Shivar Pheri organized by the University. The staff have given Radio Talks, TV programme and published popular articles for the benefit of the farming community. In order to make awareness and popularization of the technologies developd in various agricultural engineering areas active participation is made by all the faculty members.

farmer_training1 farmer_training2
Farmers training and demonstration of processing and value addition
demo1 demo2
Demonstration of developed farm implements to farmers
exhibition1 exhibition2
Participation in Agricultural Exhibition
biomass biogas_power
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor inaugurating
biomass power system
Dr. M. Shyam visited Biogas power generation
at University dairy
fi_day fi_day1
Organization of Farm Implements Day for farmers and manufacturers
shivarpheri1 shivarpheri2
Interaction with farmers visited during Shivar Pheri


CAET have in his bundle variety of publication in respect of books, national/international repute research papers, technical papers, extension articles which have contributed by the academic staff.

Contact Information

Dr. M. B. Nagdeve
Associate Dean
College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
Dr. PDKV, Akola (MS), India – 444 104
Phone (Office): 0724-2258405

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